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White truffle cream

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White truffle cream

White truffle cream

Selection Truffle Collection

Delicious taste to enrich risottos, cheese-based fillings for sandwiches and focaccia, pizzas and recipes based on vegetables, eggs and meat fillet.

White Truffle
(Tuber magnicum Pico)

CREAM 52%, Milk, mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus), Parmiggiano Reggiano DOP (MILK, salt rennet) 3%, white truffle (Tuber magnicum Pico) 2%, SOY lecithins, strengtheners, plant fibers, salt, natural flavors.

Nutritional value for 100g: 
energy 922kj/233kcal; lipids 20,4g; saturates 11,9g; carbohydrates 5,3g; sugars 3,2g; proteins 4,4g; salt 1,0g

This product is contained in the package: Selection Truffle Collection

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