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TubeORIGINAL – Real flavors in refined creams, for your original meal combinations

Discover a new culinary experience and create a unique dimension for your dishes. Every taste is a destination on an exciting journey to discover authentic flavors and innovative combinations. We respect the seasons and guarantee the highest quality of our carefully selected ingredients.

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Each jar of TubeORIGINAL contains a delicious cream you can use to spoil yourself and others in the kitchen. Each dish will be like a blank canvas on which to bring your culinary masterpieces to life with the touch of TubeORIGINAL. Creams with an authentic taste, prepared with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients.

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The TubeORIGINAL product lines

The TubeORIGINAL product lines

Although the company is young, we have big plans for the future. We are already working on new product lines to enrich the existing offer. As a principle for each glass, the authenticity of the carefully selected ingredients is always respected.
The following TubeORIGINAL product lines are currently available: The Chef Luis Dias Creations collection, the Selection Truffle collection and the Selection Chili Pepper Collection.

The recipe to try

Soft egg with Truffle Sauce

Soft egg with Truffle Sauce

Find out how to make this recipe with our creams!

Tempo per eseguire la ricetta 10 minutes
done with:
Tubeoriginal Background decoration
Tubeoriginal Background decoration

At Easter with TubeORIGINAL creams

With our creams you can be daring in the kitchen and have fun preparing the best lunches or aperitifs, even for Easter. Take advantage of the promo: the first 40 buyers will receive one of these handcrafted ceramic artifacts for FREE.
If you buy 2 or more tubes, shipping costs are FREE!
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For more information send us an email to info@tubeoriginal.com with name, surname, email address and contact details where you can be contacted.
We will reply as soon as possible.

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Easter lunch: enrich the cold cuts and cheese platter with TubeORIGINAL creams

The charcuterie board is one of the symbols of Italian easter, in which the sacred and the profane mix. It is one of the richest courses among the easter appetizers: it consists of a set of cold cuts of various types, cheeses and hard-boiled eggs served accordingly to a precise ritual.

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