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Genovese Pesto with Genovese D.O.P Basil. (100g)

The enveloping fragrance of Genovese D.O.P Basil conveys the essence of the green hills of Liguria in every spoonful of our Genovese Pesto. Gluten Free

€9,80 €5,90

Genovese Pesto with Genovese D.O.P Basil, Garlic-free (100g)

Genovese Pesto with D.O.P Basil, prepared without garlic for a unique and refined taste experience. Gluten-free

€9,80 €5,90

Porcini Mushroom Cream with 3 Truffles (80g)

The base of this cream is made from carefully selected porcini mushrooms, rich in flavor and characterized by a creamy consistency.

€10,80 €6,50

Mediterranean Tuna Cream (100g)

Delicious cream to enhance both first and second courses. From penne to spaghetti, from meat to fish, and even with hard-boiled eggs and boiled potatoes.

€12,00 €8,50

Truffle sauce (80g)

A unique cream that can be spread on croutons or added to pasta sauces (white ragù, tomato sauce). Great with eggs and raw on pizza.

€8,00 €4,40

White truffle cream (80g)

Delicious taste to enrich risottos, cheese-based fillings for sandwiches and focaccia, pizzas and recipes based on vegetables, eggs and meat fillet.

€12,00 €6,90

White truffle butter (80g)

The secret ingredient for mixing risotto and pasta, filling gourmet sandwiches and refining vegetable and meat dishes.

€10,00 €6,90

Nocellara Olive Cream with Chives and Mint (100g)

In perfect symbiosis with cheese and Caprese. Tasty and fresh on fish fillets and meat dishes.

€10,00 €5,90

Red Onion Cream with Balsamic Vinegar and Star Anise (100g)

Ideal to accompany aged cheeses and roasted meats. Great for flavoring pizzas and fish dishes.

€10,00 €5,90

Chili Pepper Cream (90g)

A chili cream ideal for lovers of spiciness, to be spread on bruschetta, bread crostini and canapés during the aperitif, or to flavor meat and grilled vegetables.

€8,00 €5,30

Chili Compote (110g)

Sauce with a semi-soft textur, a sweet flavour and a spicy aftertaste.
Perfect to accompany meat, cheeses, or even to invigorate the flavor of desserts.

€8,00 €5,30

‘Nduja (90g)

Excellent on bread or to flavor pasta sauces, ‘Nduja, with strong flavor notes, is the typical salami of Calabria, everything to spread and to taste.

€8,00 €5,50

Honey and Truffle Delight (100g)

A delicious combination of sweet honey and aromatic truffle. A versatile delicacy, perfect for enhancing both sweet and savory dishes, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication.

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Special offer

We are thrilled to present you the very original Mediterranean Tuna Cream with capers and anchovies, a culinary work created by master Chef Luigi Di Ruocco, President of the Salernitani Chefs Association, who created this one-of-a-kind gourmet cream by personally selecting the ingredients best to bring an authentic Mediterranean experience to your table. This Tuna Cream is an explosion of flavors that blend in harmony, with the distinctive touch of capers and anchovies, typical of Mediterranean cuisine. It is the perfect accessory to elevate your dishes to a higher gastronomic level.

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